Comprehensive oral exams

We are a team of caring and gentle dentists who are dedicated in looking after you and your loved little ones. 

As part of our comprehensive examination, we not only check the teeth, but also your child’s general wellbeing, including assessing their airway and quality of sleep, to ensure that all aspects of your child’s oral health are addressed, and an effective, personalised treatment strategy formulated according to the results. 

The physical oral examination is used to determine the state of the mouth, if any treatment is necessary and what are the specific dental needs of your child.

For more information, digital x-rays can be taken to determine the extent of the decay and see if it has spread to underlying structures. We offer digital X-rays which cut radiation exposure by 66% of what you get with conventional film X-rays.



A review of your child’s medical history can help us stay informed of their overall health, and any new medications or any illnesses that may impact on their dental health are also considered.

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